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HIST 11A-12A: Transnational Migration (Hanania)


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A note on sources:

Secondary sources include scholarly articles and academic books. These contain writings by experts analyzing events and giving their interpretation years after the historical event took place.

Primary sources are not scholarly in that they are first-hand accounts and artifacts created or used during the time period you are studying. Primary sources are the evidence that support your claims.

Activity 1: State Your Topic

Share Your Topic and Ask Questions

Where in the world do your migrants come from?

Where in the world are your migrants going?

Instructions: Click the + button and add a post for the start or end point of your migrant group. Ask questions or pose your topic on your post. You may return to this throughout our session. We'll return to the Padlet during our session and at the end of class to address your comments, questions, and topics.


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