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Zines at SCU Library

A guide for students and faculty wanting to make zines at SCU

What is a Zine, Anyway?

A Zine (pronounced 'zeen') is a self-published, small press or homemade publication similar to a pamphlet. Zines often address specialized topics from an independent, controversial or alternative viewpoint. They can be a collection of random personal thoughts or expertly made political treatise.

Due to the independent nature of Zines they are not scholarly, or peer reviewed nor are they controlled by mainstream media or the editorial process of the publishing industry. These publications break from conventional format and are often photocopied, folded and stapled. Zines can be visually inspiring and artistic and offer personal, passionate and unedited viewpoints.

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Zine Lingo

Zine (zeen): independent, self published work often created by a single person.

Zinester: An individual who creates zines.

Perzine: Short for personal zine. A zine that discusses personal thoughts, experiences, and everyday events.

Zine Distro Short for Zine distribution. Distros are places that distribute zines. Many individuals run Distros out of their homes, mailing zines out to those who order them. Some independent book stores carry zines as well.

Broken Pencil - A Magazine About Zines and Zine Culture

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