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CHST 100: Advanced Writing for Research in Social Sciences

Welcome to the CHST 100 Library Guide

Purpose of the Library Guide

Welcome!  Use this LibGuide in your Child Studies class to help you:


  • Establish background information for your research topic
  • Find scholarly discussion related to your research topic
  • Identify strategies for growing your literature review (cited by, pearl growing, works cited)
I also recommend exploring "How to Learn Remotely with the Library" to get familiar with all of our services and resources offered not only this Spring quarter, but always!

Grow Your Citations: Use 1 Article to Find Another

Find 1 scholarly article that looks like it has potential for your topic. You can "grow" your literature review using this article by finding 1 article it cites (finding the "before" conversation), and looking for 1 article that cites it (finding the "after" conversation). 

Once you have chosen your article, use the article's references list to find the "before" conversation and use Google Scholar to find the "after" conversation. 

To find the full-text of those articles in the library, use the Library Journal Finder.

Post the citations for your 3 articles in this Jamboard under your name.

Example citation:

Mann, B. (2019). "Whiteness and Economic Advantage in Digital Schooling: Diversity Patterns and Equity Considerations for K-12 Online Charter Schools". Education Policy Analysis Archives , 27 (105–107), 1–28. Article link. 

Extra: Source Matrix & Example Matrix

Use the source matrix below to record information about your sources and organize your sources.