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EDUC 375: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Overview of Google and the Library

Overview of Google versus Library Resources

Foundations of Library Search Tools

Use the library's electronic resources to find digital articles, newspaper, books, and videos for your course assignments. We have ~300 specialized databases for you to choose from, as well as OneSearch to search across many of them simultaneously. This page provides guidance about how to find and use these different tools. 

Remote Access: To access all of these resources remotely, you will be prompted to login using your SCU email and password. 

Reminder! Your Subject Librarian can provide one-on-one research support. Email your librarian for support. If time is an issue, you can also use our 2/47 help service for immediate, more easily resolved needs. 

Get Started: Use OneSearch for Broad Searching

OneSearch is a simple search engine that allows you to search simultaneously for books, articles, and more available at SCU Library. OneSearch brings together content of a large selection of our subscribed e-journals and databases, our library catalog, and our digital library collections in a single search interface. It can be a good starting point for interdisciplinary research, which you then might augment with some discipline-specific databases. Access OneSearch directly on the Library homepage. Learn more about OneSearch here. 


Get Started: Use Disciplinary Databases for Narrow Searching

While OneSearch may be good for getting started in interdisciplinary or lower division courses, selecting and using databases specific to a particular discipline is a more effective and efficient strategy for upper division or discipline-specific courses.

E.g.:  Psychology majors: using APA PsycInfo is likely to be a better strategy

E.g.: Business majors: using Business Source Complete may make more sense

To locate databases specific to a discipline, select "Databases" off the Library homepage and then "Browse by Subject". Your subject librarian has listed recommended databases; reach out for help selecting or using those tools.