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ENVS 1A - Analyzing Green Rhetoric (Grudin)



Search Tips

Search Tips

  • Typing a full question or sentence into Google is probably what you're used to doing--and it works okay in Google.  Databases work better when you use single words or short phrases, then narrow by the database functions.
  • Combining two different words/phrases with AND narrows your search to items that contain both words.  e.g.: pollution AND politics
  • Combining two different words/phrases with OR expands your search to items that contain either word--good for synonyms or different forms of the same word. e.g.: pollution AND (politics OR political)
    • Are you wondering "what are the parentheses for?"  Well, I'll tell you!  Remember learning about the distributive property in your basic algebra class years ago?  The parentheses tell the database to distribute the word(s) on the outside of the parentheses through what's on the inside.  So you're telling the database: "I'd like you to search for anything with both the word "pollution" AND politics, as well as anything with the word "pollution" AND political. Thanks, database!"