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Rhetoric of Forms



Images from Flicker: Tirana Collage, by Ta Bright;  The Chainsaw Collective; Graffiti along the Bloomingdale Trial, Chicago. 

English 106 - The Rhetoric of Forms

This course considers "the role of form in a variety of works.  What difference does a letter, or film, or quotation, or collage, or graphic make to a text's meaning?  What is the meaning of form?  What does it do? "  (from the syllabus)

This online guide is specially designed to help you find information on the specific form you decided to research for your investigative research project.  As you will see, all information is not equal.  It comes in many different forms, depending on the purpose of the creator and the audience it' was intended for.  Information in any format is produced to convey a message and is shared via a selected delivery method.  To find the best resources for your project, you need to assess the fit between your particular information need and and the type of sources that can provide this information.  You also need to assess the value of the information you find, as a commodity, as a means of education, as a means of influence, or simply as a means to understand the world.  

This guide will help you:

  • Identify the best types of resources for your information need
  • Locate this information
  • Evaluate the information