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History 60/160: America's Immigrants (Brillman): Home

History 60: America's Immigrants

Library of Congress Archives:  Immigrants, Ellis Island (Georges Bains, 1910); Manzanar Relocation Center (Ansel Adams); Immigration Raid in Illinois (Marion Trikosko, 1977)

Getting Started

To find an overview of the history of a particular immigrant group in the U.S. (immigration waves, acculturation and assimilation, culture and politics, etc.) use any of the following reference sources:

History 60 : America's Immigrants

"This course will look at the history of immigration to the territory that makes up the United States of America.... We will explore the factors driving immigration, the experiences of immigrant communities, and the reception of migrants within the United States."  

This online research guide is specifically designed to help you find resources for your final paper.  It will help you find background information, credible secondary sources (books, scholarly articles, documentaries),  and all types of primary sources.  


There are excellent documentaries on the topic of American immigrants.  Below is just one example.    You can find many more documentaries on KANOPY, a database of streaming videos.


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