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Get to Know Your University Library

Troubleshoot Your Access

Common Problems: Cache & Cookies

Are you having trouble accessing databases or materials in the library? Many access problems are caused by the web browser installed on your laptop/device. Web browsers create temporary files (sometimes known as "cookies") which can potentially block your access to one of our online resources.

Tip 1: Switch Your Browser

To test if the access error is caused by the current browser you're using, try accessing the resource in a different browser. For example, if you can't connect to the resource using Chrome, try accessing the resource from Safari or Firefox. Does switching your browser make a difference? Do you connect successfully to the resource in a different browser, or are you still seeing the same error message on the screen?

Tip 2: Clear Your Browser Cache

You may need to clear or delete your browser's cache (also known as your browsing history). This process removes any temporary files or automatically saved data from your browser set up. To find out how you clear/delete the cache of common web browsers, please consult the relevant info box below.

How to Clear Your Cache/Cookies in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome