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Top Academic Business Journals

Leavey School of Business

Marketing Department

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Consumer and Channel Marketing

Business and Technology Marketing

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M.S. Marketing (Online)

Recent LSB Faculty Publications

Shi, S. W., & Trusov, M. (2021). The path to click: Are you on it?. Marketing Science40(2), 344-365.

VOSviewer Mapping

The VOSviewer image on this page is a mapping of a co-citation analysis (fractional counting) of cited sources based on current and available SCU Marketing faculty' Web of Science (WOS) profiles. 

Generally speaking, the mapping represents the most common journals where current SCU Marketing faculty publish, and the clustering of colors represents the various Marketing sub-disciplines (e.g. E-Commerce; Direct Marketing; Advertising; Marketing Analytics).

Two journals are said to be co-cited when at least one article from each journal is listed in a citing article’s reference list. A journal’s placement (central or peripheral) in the mapping reflects the congruence between the content of that journal’s articles and the publication interests of current SCU Marketing faculty, based on WOS.

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