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The Ohlone in Santa Clara

Primary and secondary resources aiding in the study and research of the Ohlone tribe of Native Californians in Santa Clara

Recent and Current Activities of Tribe Members

People who identify as Ohlone or specifically Muwekma Ohlone live throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They are not extinct and were not eradicated by colonialism despite the facts they have not received tribal recognition from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and do not have federally recognized land. Members host pow-wows and other events to reclaim and keep their culture alive, in addition to actively working to acquire land for the tribe (see the link to the Sogorea Te Land Trust, below, as one example of this). There are a variety of parks and monuments named in honor of the tribe, as well as continuing efforts to draw more attention to the fact that Bay Area residents live on Ohlone ancestral lands.

Tamien Nation

Muwekma Ohlone Website

The tribe's website is a a great and easy way to start your research and it is especially valuable because it is authored by individuals who identify as Ohlone themselves, enabling researchers to hear from them directly and not through the intermediary of a specialist in anthropology, history, or archives.

Federal Recognition Initiatives

In addition to searching the news sources listed below, here are a selection of articles and information about the push for federal recognition currently being undertaken by the Muwekma Ohlone, or works that offer perspectives and theory about federal recognition for American Indian tribes.

News Sources

In the Community

Ohlone and SCU

Protests & Statues

Videos of Talks