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POLI 150: The Presidency (Baker / Harrigan)


Finding Books on your Topic

Whether you are off-campus or live near campus, you will be able to access the library book and video collections. You can search the library catalog (OSCAR) to find what is available. The library catalog is accessible via the library home page.

  • Click on the "OSCAR" tab.
  • Do a Simple Search or Subject search. Enter your search terms in the box.
    • Simple search (searches everything in the record) -- for example: presidents --> retrieved 10,084 citations
    • Subject search (searches just the subject headings) -- for example: presidents --> retrieved 744 citations
  • If too many or too few citations are retrieved, try narrowing or broadening the terms you use.
  • You can also search for variations of a word -- for example: presiden* (subject) retrieved 825 citations 

These books are available for checkout at the University Library Help Desk.

If you do not find enough books for your topic at SCU, you can utilize LINK+. These books can be picked up at the Library Help Desk. For further information on LINK+, click here.

If you have any questions about getting materials or circulation policies, you can contact the Library Help Desk at (408) 554-5020 or

Last Revised by on April 7, 2022