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HIST 11A-12A: War & Society in Modern Age

A guide for anyone embarking on historical research, but specifically for students in Wigmore's HIST 11A-12A

Finding Books at SCU

Books are wonderful and they come in all shapes and sizes! SCU Library owns hundreds of thousands of print books and subscribes to nearly as many ebooks.

Do not limit yourself to ebooks!

Many print books that would be good for your topic might require one or two additional steps to obtain, but sometimes that book--or a chapter it contains--is essential for your topic.


Using OSCAR to find books

Watch the video below to learn how to use OSCAR to locate books in the SCU Library

#4: Find a Print Book in OSCAR


Use the tips and instructions below to attempt your last challenge, #4 on the Padlet.

Tip: you can limit your OSCAR advanced search to location or material type. For this challenge, you could limit your search to University Library Main Stacks and Books. However, if you are away from campus or it's 4 AM, you could limit your search to Ebooks.