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HIST 11A-12A: War & Society in Modern Age

A guide for anyone embarking on historical research, but specifically for students in Wigmore's HIST 11A-12A

Historical Research

Doing historical research means you get to engage with documents, letters, photographs, newspapers, and other primary sources created during the time period you are studying, in addition to the analysis and opinions of scholars and historians who have studied these primary sources.

This guide is designed to help you navigate the myriad resources available to you, both through the Santa Clara University Library and through open, free repositories maintained by libraries, archives, and non-profits on the Internet.

Let's have some fun talking about research topics, primary sources, articles, and, if we have time, books!

Contact your librarian if you have any questions. You will find my contact info and booking page on the right.

Activity #1: Research Topics

Think about what you have been interested in so far in this class, and what you would like to learn more about. It's very important to be interested in your topic, otherwise your project will be boring. Take some time to articulate that by stating your topic in 5-10 words on the Padlet below. Save the rest of the questions until we get to them in a little bit.

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