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This guide was created for Sister Ana Maria Pineda's U.S. Hispanic Theology class, Spring 2022

Welcome TESP 65: U.S. Hispanic Theology

Researching your chosen theologian

  • Look for biographical information about the theologian
  • Look for materials authored by the theologian
  • Look for materials about the theologian that are not strictly biographical
Google is definitely your friend!
  • Try Googling the name of the theologian and theology if you're not getting results about the right person
  • By Googling, you may find the theologian's page at their University's institutional repository

Prioritize information from credible sites like the theologian's personal website/LinkedIn, their university's website, sites containing works authored by the theologian (e.g. columns/pieces in periodicals like America: The Jesuit Review and the National Catholic Reporter; self-published thoughts on platforms like their Twitter page or blogs), and other professional organizations that the theologian might belong to and be active in.

But don't stop at Google!

You need to consult the actual materials authored by your theologian to be able to communicate the core of their research output. You will use the SCU Library's resources for this.

  • Utilize the Library's Catalog, OSCAR, as well as Link+ and ILL
    • This will connect you with books written by the theologian
    • As well as books that contain chapters written by the theologian
  • Utilize the SCU Library's databases like ATLA Religion and OneSearch
    • This will connect you with articles written by the theologian

Reference Sources


OSCAR, the Library's Catalog

OSCAR is the Library's catalog and it tells you the books the SCU Library owns or subscribes to (physical and virtual), in addition to many other material types. You can use it to find books authored by your theologian, and books containing chapters written by your theologian but authored by someone else.

  • Do an author search to see if SCU Library owns a monograph authored by this theologian
  • Last name, first name middle name
  • Do a simple search to find books that may contain a chapter authored by this theologian
  • Format of name is not as important in this scenario


Look for the button in OSCAR to see if another Library has books by your theologian. Below is the direct link to Link+

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

Use the InterLibrary Loan service to request materials not available at SCU or through Link+. Articles can come very quickly--within hours--but physical media like books take longer to be mailed.

Databases for Articles

Find articles written by your theologian, or book reviews about books they have written

If looking for articles by your theologian, make sure to use Last name, First name and choose author from the drop down menu.