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PHSC 2: The American Health System

Welcome to American Health System

Course Background

In this course you will learn why health care in the U.S. is viewed as both a business and a human service. The
course explores the relationship between the provider and payment systems and the social, cultural, political and
regulatory environments in which they function. Upon completion of the course you will have a good background in
the financing, insuring, delivering, paying for health care services. This is relevant not only to critical thinking about
the health care system in general, but also to formulating individual and societal positions on such topics as the
costs and benefits related to the way we deliver care, approaches to health system reform from both political and
personal perspectives, and how each of us plays a part in the current and future of our health system. This is a
valuable part of your foundation for participating in the health care system as a provider, administrator, patient and
community member.

US Healthcare System Explained Video