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PHSC 2: The American Health System

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Saving Searches in PubMed

In PubMed, click "Sign in to NCBI" link at upper right.

If you do not have an account (free), click "Register for an NCBI Account." (NCBI account allows you to save searches in all of NCBI’s many databases.)

If you want to save a search, click "Save Search" link just under searchbox near top of screen. On the next screen, give your search a name.

Next, click “Yes, please” radio button if you would like to receive email updates of your search. Then choose the frequency; which day of the week; format, such as Abstract (text); and how many updates you want at a time. Click Save. That’s it!  

Finding Articles

How to Get Articles

How to Get Articles

Once you find articles that interest you, you can mark them and email the citations/abstracts to yourself.

To obtain the full article, click one of these buttons (whichever displays in the specific database):


A new window opens to provide available choices in this order:

1. Links to full-text if we have journal online

2. Link to OSCAR (catalog) record if we have journal only in print (this is rare!)

3. Link to Interlibrary Loan if we do not have the journal. Create an easy, free account; fill out all citation information; and article pdf will be emailed to your SCU email account in an average of 2 business days.