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ENGL 115: Argumentation (Billings)

Best Databases

Sample Searches

The following searches are a limited sample. You could do the same searches in other databases from the Best Databases list as well.

Sample Search 1: Ethics of Biotechnology
Database: Philosopher's Index
Line 1: biotechnology (All subjects & indexing)
Line 2: ethics OR bioethics (All subjects & indexing)

This search retrieved 470 citations.

Sample Search 2: Politics & Biomedical Research
Databases: Political Science Complete and Applied Science and Technology Source

Line 1: biomedical or biotechnology (Abstracts)
Line 2: politic* or polic* (Subject Terms)

This retrieved 684 citations, 467 of which were peer reviewed.

Sample Search 3: Genetic Engineering for Babies
Database: Biological Abstracts

Line 1: genetic engineering (Topic)
Line 2: babies or fetus* (Topic)

This search retrieved 349 citations.