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HIST 11A-12A: Cultures of Islam (Hanania)

This guide was created for Dr. Marwan Doud Hanania's HIST 11A-12A classes 2022-2023

New Ebooks on Islam

Scenario: 10 Page Research Paper

Welcome to SCU Library. Today you are going to

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Find background information (tertiary source)
  3. Find one book or article (secondary source)

March 16, 2023 will come quickly. Let's get started today.

Start Your Research

1. Start a Google doc to make note of what you do today

2. Pick a topic

You have a list of potential topics to guide your research question.

Pick one. This may involve browsing broad background information about several possible topics, and deciding what aspect looks super interesting.

Search by keyword, or browse by selecting a letter at the top (S for Shiism; C for Christianity; etc.)

3. Find a Book (books are usually secondary sources)

Use OSCAR, the Library's catalog, to search for books. You may get other stuff, but mostly you'll get books.

Enter keywords or the title of a book you'd like.

3. Articles (Secondary Sources)

There are many databases that are good for topics of cultures of Islam. Try this trick:

Search Historical Abstracts, ATLA Religion, Academic Search Complete, and OmniFile all at once.

Enter any one of these databases individually, and following the directions below.

4. Primary Sources

Most likely you have one or two primary sources from your previous secondary research. If you find you need more, following the directions in the Primary Sources tab.

5. Refine and Repeat

Research is iterative. Depending on where your search takes you, you will have to return to any of these steps as you work through the research process.