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HIST 101: Historical Writing

To find images and films

Tempting as it may be, using Google's Image search is risky. You will rarely be given the real source of the image and, therefore, you cannot be sure it is what you think it is. Better to use the tools listed below.

Library of Congress Photos, Prints, Drawings The Library of Congress has thousands of historical photos, maps, and other audio-visual materials available on this site. Along the left side of the search screen are many useful options for limiting/focusing your search. And, you will get all the information you need to accurately cite what you find here!

The Associated Press Images Collection is a subscription database, so you will need to use your SCU credentials to get in. It is a wonderful collection and you have some great search options to explore. Images go back as far as 1844!

To access many other sites where you can find images you can use for educational purposes, visit our LibGuide on IMAGES.

To find documentaries or feature films, use OSCAR!

Do an Advanced Search search in OSCAR. Put your search words in the boxes at the top. Then scroll down to Limit by Material Types to search Videos and/or Streaming Videos.