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MGMT 80: Global and Cultural Environment of Business

This guide is intended to assist students with the research project for this course

Getting Help Using Passport

Please email me if you have any questions about using Passport.

Passport is a tool used by companies for researching global markets. There is a great deal of content in Passport and getting the analysis, statistics, and data relevant to your product, industry, and country may not be obvious. Below are two brief videos introducing Passport. For additional help, click on Help on the command bar at the top of the welcome screen. Here you will find additional video tutorials and a written User Guide.

While there are many different ways to access analysis, statistics and data in Passport, the example below shows how to get information by using the Search Full Tree. The Search Tree provides information about industries, products, markets, consumers, and economic and business indicators for most countries.

1. Click on Search (command bar at the top of the screen)

2. Click on GO tab in the Search Full Tree box

3. The top part of the Search Tree is for selecting industry information. For example, say I am interested in looking at the market for chocolates in various countries. I would begin by selecting Food, then drill down to Chocolate.


4. The bottom part of the Search Tree is for selecting Economic and Consumer Topics. For example, I can find information about consumer expenditure on chocolates in various countries. I would begin by selecting Income and Expenditure and then drill down to Chocolate

Income and Expenditure > Consumer Expenditure by Category > Consumer Expenditure on Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages > Consumer Expenditure on Food > Consumer Expenditure on Sugar and Confectionery

5. After selecting an industry and economic and consumer topics, click on NEXT (blue tab, bottom right of screen)

5. Under GEOGRAPHIES, use the + signs next to regions to drill down to your country. You may select as many countries as you wish.


Country Information

The resources below provide demographic, economic, market and social background data and analysis for your country. If you have questions about these resources, or any questions about SCU Library resources and services, or if you would like help finding information, statistics, data or analysis for your business related research, please contact me.

Help Using Passport