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Impact Factor and Other Ways of Assessing the Research Value of a Journal: Eigenfactor Ranks

Various ways to assess the research value of a journal.

What is this measure?

The Eigenfactor score is a rating of the total importance of a journal, newspapers, popular journals, etc. Journals are rated according to the number of incoming citations, with citations from highly-ranked journals weighted to make a larger contribution to the eigenfactor than those from poorly-ranked journals

Eigenfactor includes a feature to factor in journal cost, and generate cost effectiveness measures for titles.

Finding a journal eigenfactor


Go to (available free on the web).

To search for a specific journal, enter the journal title and select a year


Your results will return as a ranked list of matching titles.  Note that the results are ranked by the article-level influence; you may sort by the eigenfactor score itself by click on "Eigenfactor Score"


To see the details regarding a specific journal, click on the title of the journal, e.g. NATURE



  Note that you will see both the ISI (journal impact factor) category and the Eigenfactor subject category, the price per Eigenfactor, and a chart tracking the Eigenfactor and Article Influence scores for the journal.

Eigenfactors for a subject discipline

  To start a new search, click on the Eigenfactor search (in the upper left)

eigenfactor search

Then use the drop down boxes to select subject category and year

Your results will generate a ranked list of journals - ranked by article influence score

To more fully examine the cost effectiveness of a subject group of journals, do a Cost Effectiveness Search.  To do this, hover your mouse over the Eigenfactor search  (in the upper left)

and then scroll down to Cost Effectiveness and then select either an Eigenfactor subject or a JCR Subject Category.  Press Search

Your results will include a ranked list of titles in that subject.  The rank will be by "Price per Eigenfactor" ... as the table says, lower is better.