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Education Research: Tools & Techniques

Cited Reference Searching with Web of Science

Tracing the Conversation

New research is based on prior research, and researchers must always give credit to the earlier research by citing it in their work.

And, Lucky forYou!, there is a database designed to track/trace/follow citations, and show you who cites whom!

Web of Science is that unique database that allows you to do a search of the cited references in thousands of highly regarded journals in all fields worldwide. This is probably the best way to identify published reports of primary research.

It works best if you have already identified a few key research articles or landmark books that are at least a couple of years old. You can then use this database to find out who has cited those articles or books.

This is not an easy or intuitive database to search. It doesn't work like any other database, but it can be a goldmine for a researcher. Use the library's appointment service to make an appointment with a librarian to learn to use ! 

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay