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Data Management Planning

This guide is intended to assist researchers with data management and provide access to data management tools and services.


Check whether there are any funder requirements that may mandate which repository to use.

Check with the journal you are submitting your paper to; some journals keep a list of approved repositories or have specific policies on data archiving.

Check for discipline specific repositories; some might be more suitable for your data.

Discuss depositing your data into Scholar Commons at SCU.

Why deposit?

A common way for many researchers to share their data over the years has been to submit data as a supplementary file to a journal article. Some publishers are beginning to encourage researchers to deposit their data to repositories instead.

As appeals for public access of research data continue to proliferate, many scholarly publishers, alongside funders, institutions, and libraries are attempting to address DMP mandates. 

Below is a list of recommended and trusted repositories, but it's critical for the Santa Clara community that you consider depositing in SCU Scholar Commons.

General Data Repositories