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Data Management Planning

This guide is intended to assist researchers with data management and provide access to data management tools and services.

Scholar Commons at SCU

Scholar Commons

A service offered by the University Library to archive and offer access to intellectual work produced by faculty, students and staff at Santa Clara University. Open access publications, student projects, theses, dissertations, pre-print and post-print articles, instructional resources and university archival material are all candidates for deposit.

To find out more about Scholar Commons, and how you can submit your work, visit our FAQ page.


Scholar Commons Statement for your Data Management Plan
SCU Library operates Scholar Commons, an institutional repository, in order to archive and disseminate the intellectual output of the SCU community. To date we have deposited over 6,000 items, including articles, working papers, presentations, graduate and undergraduate theses, and SCU publications. 
We are using Digital Commons, from bepress, as a platform for Scholar Commons because it recognizes a wide variety of data types: text, data sets, audio, video, etc. It also allows for easy compilation of digital items that consist of multiple files of varying types. So, if you have a work that includes data sets, we can accommodate this. 
Our Digital Commons platform includes a checksum process for examining data integrity, persistent URLs, and regular backups, thus meeting the requirements of grant-funding agencies that require open-access publication of research. [It also allows for relatively easy export of collections according to accepted standards, in case we adopt another solution].

Ray Scroggin
Digital Initiatives Assistant
Santa Clara University