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WGST104: Beauty, Culture & Society (Sharangpani): Background Information

Start Here If You Don't Have a Topic

Background Information on Your Topic

Sometimes, at the beginning of a research project, you want to get an overview of the research done on your topic, or you want to find background information to be able to narrow down your topic. 

To find an overview of your topic, first check the following online collections of reference sources

Just do a search on your topic.  Here's and example of the kind of articles you will be able to find

Beauty Pageants, by Stoeltje, Beverly J., Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender, vol. 1, Macmillan Reference USA, 2007,


To find information on specific feminist theories, use:

To find information and statistics on a particular country, use the following database:

To find information on women and gender issues in the country or regions you are interested in, use:

To find statistics or demographic studies on the topic you selected, try the following sources:

  • Mintel
    Database providing consumer and market data on various industries, including "Beauty and Personal Care" .  Includes reports such as "The Millenial Beauty Consumer".  
  • Statista
    Provides access to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries.  Includes statistics on the cosmetic surgery for example, and all kind of statistics on tattoo usage in the U.S. 
  • Passport
    Provides 2000 data types across 11 categories: Automotives and transport, Consumer markets, Economic indicators, Foreign trade, Industrial markets, IT and telecommunications, Leisure and lifestyles, Population and households, Resources and environment, Retailing, Service markets. Country statistics contains historic and forecast demographic, economic and marketing statistics for 205 countries.