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ENGL 2A: Art, Culture & Social Justice (Tremblay-McGaw): Home

A research guide for students enrolled in ENGL 2A/CTW 2: Art, Culture & Social Justice

Art, Culture & Social Justice


Images courtesy of flickr users (in order of appearance): Mo Riza; Phil Hilfiker; A Jones; Paul Townsend; Scott Robinson; & Cau Napoli Collectivo. 

Topic Development

Part 1:  Topic Development

OPEN THE EXERCISE.   We will be working with this form throughout today's session.

Part 2:  Keyword Development & Database Exploration

Working with your topic:  

1.  Identify the keywords from the research statement you just developed..

2.  Using the "Background Information" tab on this guide, find and read one encyclopedia entry on your topic.

4.  Revisit your keywords and add any additional terms you might use.

5.  Select a database that you feel might provide you with useful articles on your topic using the "Find Articles" tab on this guide.  Try the following in your selected database.

  • Basic search
  • Advanced search
  • Helpful ways to narrow your results
  • Finding full text
  • Emailing full text
  • Getting a citation