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LEAD CTW Reviews & Templates: Born a Crime

Born a Crime Reviews

Your Turn!

You just looked at descriptions of three authors and three publications that reviewed Born a Crime. You could use those descriptions to write elegant statements about those reviews, the kind of statement you would make if you were writing about the reviews and wanted to introduce a quote from one. For example: 

" ..." according to Michiko Kakutani, Pulitzer Prize winning American literary critic, writing in the New York Times Book Review, perhaps the most influential and widely read book review publication in the U.S.

"..." according to Darryl Accone, a writer, editor and former journalism professor in South Africa,  writing in the Mail & Guardian, a liberal South African newspaper.

"..." according to Nick Mdika Tembo, a Senior Lecturer in and Deputy Chair of the English Department at the University of Malawi, writing in Biography, a scholarly interdisciplinary journal focused on life writing.


Using those as models, you can try your hand at writing descriptions of the authors and publications for some other reviews of Born a Crime. Let's see who the best detectives are in this class! Be careful, though, to just include relevant information, information that would inform our reading of the review, not just random facts, which the web is full of!

Click on the Google forms below for the reviews you have been assigned. Only one of you needs to log in to upload your compositions.