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MUSC11A : Global Music & Cultural Politics (Paulraj): Poll Questions

Poll 1

I know the difference between 'primary sources' and 'secondary sources'.
Yes, definitely: 35 votes (81.4%)
Possibly, not sure: 7 votes (16.28%)
Nope, no idea: 1 votes (2.33%)
Total Votes: 43

Poll 2

Which of the following is an example of a primary source?
A book that analyses how hip-hop is portrayed in the American Media?: 9 votes (19.57%)
An article in the Journal of Communication Studies on the impact of the Kanye West's use of Twitter.: 10 votes (21.74%)
An opinion piece from the New York Times on the censorship of hip-hop in broadcast media .: 13 votes (28.26%)
A textbook on the study of contemporary urban music in America.: 14 votes (30.43%)
Total Votes: 46