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ENGL 1A/2A: Composing a Sustainable World (Judnick)

Find Something Literary on Your Nature Topic

Literary Sources

To find poems or fiction on your idea or theme, you can browse the individual sources linked below.


You might also try a database called AltPress Watch. Put a keyword or phrase for the idea you are exploring in the main search box. Then scroll down to select POEM or FICTION from the Document Type list. See the sample search pictured below the database link.


Tap the Mainstream Science News


The magazines and newspapers below have articles on everything, but they have published award-winning science and nature articles:

And, of course, there is the New York Times! The easiest way to access that is to get yourself a FREE online subscription through the university. Instructions for doing that are HERE!.


To find articles in a specific magazine, you need to follow the 3 step process described below.









To search topically for articles in many, but not all, of these same periodicals and magazines, try this database:


If I wanted to look for articles on coastal/beach erosion, for example, I would do this search:

Then maybe use the limiting options in the left column to restrict my search by date and source type (magazines!).

Exploring the Research Literature

These databases will all lead you to articles in the peer-reviewed scientific and engineering literature! They also include some science and engineering news articles as well as some environmental magazine articles. You can limit your results by type of article/source as well as date and language using your search options in the column to the left of the Results display.

You basically do the same search as in the example above on coastal erosion. You just get different Results.