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ENGL 1A/2A: Composing a Sustainable World (Judnick)

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Reviews of the book

Describing a Book Review Source

Book reviews can come in different forms, but let's focus right now on those that appear in published periodicals -- newspapers, magazines, academic journals. You may have noticed excerpts from some of these on the Amazon page for the book. First and foremost any review is reflective of the reviewer's personal opinion, which, in turn, is informed by that person's education, work experience, gender, ethnicity, and so on. However, that published review is written for a unique audience, the reader of that particular periodical. So, for example, a book review written by a nurse and published in a nursing journal could be said to represent a nursing perspective on that book. As a consumer of any review, you should make some effort to find out something about the reviewer as well as the magazine/newspaper/journal that review appears in. The same goes for reviews that appear on a website. You should consider the person writing the review as well as the audience for that website.

Not all books get a wide range of reviews, reflecting a variety of perspectives. The Sixth Extinction, however, did, indeed, get a very wide variety of reviews. So, for practice, we are going to investigate some of those reviews.

Let's start by all looking at two together. They represent two different types. 

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Pairs of Reviews on YOUR Book