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ENGL 15: Intro to Cultural Studies & Literary Theory (Leuner): Assignment Details

Research guide for ENGL 15.

Summary of Recitatif Criticism

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Summary of Recitatif

After our library workshop (which will prepare you for the assignment), you will find a peer-reviewed scholarly article in an academic journal that offers a critical analysis of Recitatif. Resist the urge to select the first article you find! Instead, hunt for an article that addresses an aspect of the text that intrigues you or that you are particularly drawn to. The article you find and use will do double duty because you’ll also use it in your Essay 1.

Summarize the article in approximately 2 pages double-spaced. Your summary will explain the article’s argument in your own words and, following this, explain how the article supports the argument with evidence. Avoid quoting from the article and, instead, explain it in your own words.

Download a copy of the article as a PDF and submit it along with your summary to Camino.

Learning Objectives to meet to receive full credit: 

  • Find a peer-reviewed scholarly article that offers an analysis of Toni Morrison's Recitatif
  • Write a 2-page summary that reports on the articles thesis and the pieces of evidence that it uses to support and/or discuss the thesis. Give these in your own words and voice and avoid quoting. 
  • When you discuss part of the article, cite the page number on which they fall using parenthetical citations in-text. 
  • Create an MLA works cited entry for this article and list it at the end of your summary. Use the MLA Handbook as a resource to make your entry -- it provides models that you can copy to make your own entry. 
  • Download and turn in a PDF copy of the article with your summary here in Camino. You can upload 2 files :)