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ENGL 1H/2H: Studying College Culture at SCU 2018 (Voss): Evaluating Sources

Class guide for ENGL 1H/2H

Class Slides- October 16, 2018

Evaluating News: Good, Bad, Totally Fake?

Get Started:

  • Who is the author, producer or publisher? What kind of website is it? Look at the URL for clues.
  • What kind of content is it? (News, Opinion, Satire, Advertising, Advocacy for a cause)
  • What is the date?

Is it Fake? Ask:

  • Does the content match the headline?
  • Does it seem too good or too outrageous to be true?
  • Do the images seem altered or mismatched with the content?
  • Does the story include facts or other evidence?
  • Does the story name sources for the facts? If so, who are they and why should you believe them?
  • Does the article/story seem to be selling something?

Is it Biased? Ask all of the above questions, plus:

  • Are there stereotypes?
  • Is there a lack of context? (For instance, naming a problem without exploring its causes)
  • Is there unfair blame placed on one person, group or cause?
  • Is the language or imagery loaded or sensational?
  • Does the article include diverse experts or sources (for example, both those who study/work on an issue and those who are impacted by the issue)?
  • Does it uphold journalism standards and ethics?