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RSOC 99: Sociology of Religion (Wright): Getting Started: Exercise 1

Getting Started

Learning and using databases to search for academic articles or primary data sources is an ongoing process. In an information age, the ability to refine searches for useful information is a skill that one strengthens through practice. At the library, we work one-on-one with students to help build these fundamental skills at every academic level. These experiences tell us what some of the trickiest or most difficult aspects of this process are when doing research and designing research projects.

To get you ready for the search exercise you'll do, watch these videos and then complete the following exercise.

  1. Idea to Library talks about what "academic" or "scholarly" sources are and how they get into the library.
  2. One Perfect Source speaks to the problem of what to do when it seems like there are no sources for your topic.
  3. Choosing Keywords gives advice on how to match your language to the language of scholars.

Watch these videos and then complete the following exercise (300-500 words). Upload your answer to Camino.

Step 1: List 2 - 4 of the most important insights you gained from watching the videos.

Step 2: Briefly discuss how you plan on applying at least two of these important insights in your research for the Research Project Final Report.

Step 3: Briefly address 1-3 conflicts or unanswered questions either the videos or steps 1-2 have brought up for you regarding your Research Project.


The What, Why, and How of Literature Reviews

What's the Relationship: Journals, Articles, and Databases

Where's My Perfect Source?

How to Pick Search Terms (it's not like Google)