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RSOC 99: Sociology of Religion (Wright): Apply New Insights: Exercise 2

Apply New Insights

Now that you have explored and thought about using the research databases for your research project, you will apply these insights in a three-part exercise designed to help you refine your research skills. Expect to spend 30-60 minutes on this exercise.

There are 3 parts to this exercise:

  1. Topic Development
  2. Identify Databases
  3. Search and Refine

Parts 2 and 3 require that you consult and use the following tabs in this LibGuide: Background Information and Articles. 

When you are done with the exercise, submit it and indicate that you would like a copy of your answers. Your professor and the librarian will see the answers as well. 

Be ready to discuss these answers with your Arrupe organization-groups on Monday November 26.

Exercise 2