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ENGL 109: Internet Culture in the Information Age (Voss): Home

Class guide for ENGL 109.

Analyzing Media


Images courtesy of Flickr users (in order of appearance): Alexander Gladkik; Barb Henry; Mark Smiciklas; Thomas Hawk, Mike Corbett, & Magnus Hagdorn.

Bias In Search Engines Guide

This research guide was created by the University Library Diversity Fellow, Jasminder Bains. Her guide provides information about bias in search engine algorithms and library classification systems, including people to follow on the topic and ways to get involved.

Class Slides- May 23, 2019

Class Exercise 1- Examining Sources

Today we will explore sources for longform articles on technology. Access the article for the first exercise below.

Class Exercise 2- Analyzing Search Results Exercise

As Safia Noble describes, library classification has historically and continues to represent social bias. This extends to subject indexing in academic databases. Access the worksheet for the exercise exploring this bias below. 

Class Exercise 3- Topic Searching

Turing to your own topic, identify keywords, select a database, and search for materials you might use for your topic. Keep track of your sources-- feel free to use the worksheet below. You can submit as many responses as you like, and they will be sent to your email.


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