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Library Instruction for CTW

Greetings CTW Instructors!

Library Instruction Program

As you may know from past experience, it is the mission of SCU subject librarians to educate your students with information literacy skills. You can find out more by visiting our guide on SCU Library Teaching and Learning Services (also linked on the left).

Introducing: An Asynchronous Tutorial

Critical Thinking & Writing, AY22-23

This year we created a CTW Library Tutorial that is self-paced (asynchronous) and low-stakes (pass/fail) that we hope all CTW instructors will consider assigning or promoting in their courses. We estimate it will take a student 35 minutes to complete.

We developed this tutorial to:

  • Establish a foundation of library skills for all first-year students;
  • Supplement the sessions you would usually set-up with a subject librarian, or to potentially take the place of those sessions, or to create space in your class for collaboration with the Library that doesn't require a class period;
  • Provide flexibility: the tutorial can be assigned in CTW 1 or CTW 2, wherever it makes the most sense for your learning outcomes and course structure.
  • Meet you and your students where you are: we can insert the tutorial in a Camino module for your class or otherwise deliver it as best suits you.

Link to CTW Library Tutorial

Learning Outcomes for CTW Library Tutorial

After completing the tutorial, students will be able to:

  • Access and navigate the library's website; specifically access and navigate OSCAR, OneSearch, and subject databases through the library's website
  • Articulate differences between using Google and the Library's resources for research
  • Modify and refine search strategies
  • Identify and access an ebook, an academic article, and a recent news source using OneSearch, respectively

Camino Commons Module

There is a module you can pop into your Camino course from the Camino Commons that contains this tutorial and an assignment requiring the PDF certificate of completion.

Outline of CTW Library Tutorial

Slide 1: Welcome
Slide 2: The Library's website and Google (video)
Quiz: What are some drawbacks to using Google for your research?
Quiz: Why should you use the SCU Library's website when conducting research?
  • SWBAT navigate to different information sources on the library website and to articulate some bias of the Google algorithm
Slide 3: OneSearch (video)

Quiz: What types of information sources are included in OneSearch?

Quiz: What's the difference between an academic article and a news article? Select all that apply.

  • SWBAT state the different types of information sources that are available through the library's resources
Slide 4: OneSearch (activity)
Embedded OneSearch window with guided search instructions
  • SWBAT separately identify and access an ebook, an academic article, and a recent news source using OneSearch, respectively

  • SWBAT modify and refine searches to meet specific information needs

Slide 5: OSCAR (video)
Quiz: What are some advantages of doing an advanced search in OSCAR? Check all that apply.
  • SWBAT articulate the benefits of refining search strategies for their information need
Slide 6: OSCAR (activity)
Embedded OSCAR window with guided search instructions with exit ticket question regarding results from refining the search
  • SWBAT identify and access books through OSCAR, the Library's catalog
Slide 7: Subject databases (video)
Quiz: Who is the librarian in your major area?
Quiz: Search a subject database and provide the permanent url to a results
  • SWBAT conduct subject-specific research

Slide 8: Recap

Slide 9: Certificate of Completion

Santa Clara University Library's Instruction Program

In support of the teaching mission of the University, the University Library’s Instruction Program offers a variety of services to support faculty in their teaching and to inspire SCU students to develop comprehensive information literacy and critical thinking skills that contribute to their successes as students and as lifelong learners.

SCU librarians and staff can provide course-integrated library instruction both through in-person instruction and/or through the creation of online instructional materials, such as Camino modules, research guides and tutorials. We also provide faculty workshops related to various aspects of information literacy and assignment design.

To get started contact your subject librarian or one of the administrators of the program:

Melanie Sellar
Head of Instruction and Assessment

Kelci Baughman McDowell
Instruction Coordinator for CTW; Undergraduate Learning Librarian

CTW Faculty-Librarian Matches

CTW Instructor Librarian
Bochettaz, Olivier Goodwater, Leanna
Chavez Swenson, Cindy Yang, Anna
Chen, Lilly Baughman McDowell, Kelci
Coad, David Sellar, Melanie
Conefrey, Theresa Carlos, Andrew
Crafts, Simon Sellar, Melanie
Cronin, Madeline Goodwater, Leanna
Crosby, Leonard Yang, Anna
Donegan, Melissa Goodwater, Leanna
Driscoll, Matthew Neuhaus, Sophia
Grudin, Theodore Yang, Anna
Harris, Kai Carlos, Andrew/Dozier, Dominique
Hendricks, Jackie Carlos, Andrew
Jalal, Mostafa Yang, Anna
Jeffra, Jeremiah Carlos, Andrew/Dozier, Dominique
Keaton, David Neuhaus, Sophia
Krane, Denise Sellar, Melanie
Lacrampe, J.P. Sellar, Melanie
Lasley, Michael (LEAD) Carlos, Andrew/Dozier, Dominique
Lasley, Michael Baughman McDowell, Kelci
Leither, Nick Sellar, Melanie
Leuner, Kirstyn Baughman McDowell, Kelci
Levantovskaya, Margarita Hall, Benjamin
Lincoln, Kimani Hall, Benjamin
Lueck, Amy Baughman McDowell, Kelci
McIsaac, Claudia Neuhaus, Sophia
Medina, Cruz Carlos, Andrew/Dozier, Dominique
Moore, Gaywyn Goodwater, Leanna
Myers, Tim Sellar, Melanie
Nanda, Aparajita Goodwater, Leanna
Negus, Sean Baughman McDowell, Kelci
Pascua, Christopher Carlos, Andrew
Pfeiffer, Loring Baughman McDowell, Kelci
Shanklin III, Robert Goodwater, Leanna
Tarnoff, Maura Carlos, Andrew/Dozier, Dominique
Tremblay-McGaw, Robin Sellar, Melanie
Turner, Heather Kelci Baughman McDowell
Velasco-Moreno, Juan Carlos, Andrew/Dozier, Dominique
Wagar, Scott Hall, Benjamin