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ENGL 2A - BEAM-ing Your Research (Crosby)



Course Objectives:

By writing, reading, and engaging in discussion in this course, you'll work to improve your ability to:

  • Locate and select information that genuinely considers multiple, credible perspectives
  • Demonstrate an engaged, ethical approach to the use of sources, including accurate citation
  • Compose texts that effectively integrate sources for a clear purpose, audience, and occasion in different modes of presentation
  • Use writing and information literacy as tools for learning and discovery
Our Theme:

Critical Thinking & Writing is primarily a course about writing and rhetoric, but in this section, we will attempt to answer the question: Why do people disagree over facts? This course will introduce students to rhetorical concepts through inquiry into this timely, yet timeless question. We will examine how facts are produced, verified, and challenged by analyzing three "spheres" of discourse: popular, news, and academic. Students will be expected to generate their own research topics and compose in multiple genres and media. Ultimately, this course seeks to increase writers' rhetorical awareness and information literacy to become more critical, effective, and adaptable knowledge producers in a world of abundant, conflicting facts.