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ENVS 122 / POLI 157: Environmental Politics and Policy (Bacon)

From environmental laws and politics to civic engagement

ENVS 122/POLI 157: U.S. Environmental Policy


ENVS 122/POLI 157: Environmental Politics & Policy


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Course description:

This course examines environmental politics, policy and governance in the last half century. Part one reviews major environmental legislation in the United States, including the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and policy responses to global warming. In part two, learners step back to interrogate the power dynamics, social movements, legal battles and struggles over meaning and representation that accompany significant social change. The final section examines the rise of global environmental governance highlighting the role of nonprofit organizations, civil societies, and corporate firms as voluntary environmental regulation moves from the margins to the mainstream. A concluding discussion identifies avenues for civic engagement, accountability, and environmental citizenship. Learners will gain insight into the policymaking processes by participating in simulation games, reading and research assignments, developing tools to assess policy outcomes, and finding strategies to identify political opportunities. Also listed as POLI 157. Prerequisite: ENVS 22 recommended. (5 units)


Below are some resources for writing an effective policy memo: