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ENVS 155: Environmental & Food Justice

Social, political, and legal aspects; national and international

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ENVS 155: Environmental & Food Justice



"This upper division course unites two vibrant fields for academic study and arenas for social, political, and legal action. Environmental Justice (EJ) refers to public participation and an equitable spatial distribution of environmental burdens, such as proximity to a toxic waste dump, and benefits, such as access to a park or healthy food, among all social groups. Environmental injustice occurs when environmental benefits and burdens are unevenly distributed along the lines of race, class, and/or nationality.

"Food justice researchers seek to explain the trends of increasing hunger and obesity among eaters and the accumulation of environmental injustices in agricultural landscapes. Foundational studies in both fields are complemented by engagement with living case studies in California and Central America. Learners will conduct a major research project and team-based collaborations as part of this course."

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