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Your Personal Librarian will be your first point of contact for anything library related and will answer all your questions about SCU library policies, resources, and services. Your Personal Librarian will also help you find the best resources for your research projects.


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Library Guide for International Students

Welcome to SCU Library!

American libraries may be very different from the ones in your native country. This  guide is designed to help you get familiar with SCU library.  Knowing what resources and services the library provides and using them efficiently will  make your academic experience here  more successful and enjoyable.

We look forward to meeting you & seeing you in the library.  Remember that all the staff are here to help you.  It's our job!

Click on the tabs above to get more information about the library; to learn how to contact a librarian to get help for your research; to get instructions on how to find books and articles; and to access a list of library terms with their definitions.


We hope to see you soon in the library!


Meet the Librarians!

Susan Boyd
Engineering Librarian

Tony Raymond
Business Librarian

Leanna Goodwater
Humanities Librarian

Sophia Neuhaus
Social Sciences Librarian

Shannon Kealey
Science Librarian

and more....