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ENGL 1: Critical Thinking & Writing I (Leither Win 2020)


Workshop Goals Today

Welcome! In the workshop today, you will have the opportunity to:


1. Identify some initial limitations of Google-only searching

2. Practice using different search tools for college research


Workshop Goal:

Find 3 sources (1 article, 1 book, and 1 web resource) you can use to help form persuasive arguments for your debate position.




Use this worksheet for the exercises today.

Diversifying Your Sources

Debate Topics

The Controversy:
Side 1: While sustainability at SCU does create some discussion and awareness, it is a buzzword meant to attract students and attention to campus, allowing SCU to get away with practices that are not sustainable.
Side 2: SCU has a real commitment to creating a truly sustainable campus and community, leaving students with a deep knowledge of sustainability and a campus that replenishes and renews the resources it uses.
Systems & Consumption (Grounds, Facilities, Administration, Energy, Food, Water…)
Education & Values (Classes, Curriculum, Messages, Values…)

Links Shared During Session in the Archives

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