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Streaming Video Guide

Learn more about streaming video options provided by the University Library

Frequently Asked Questions

I get this error message when accessing a streaming video: "Subscription content cannot be played here. Subscription-based videos are available to users in the new UI."

Please clear your browser cache/cookies to be properly redirected to subscription content.

I'm a student. Can I request a streaming video that isn't already licensed?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time. Currently, we are only accepting requests for streaming video purchases from faculty for course use, research, or for graduate student doctoral dissertations.

Will the Library buy a streaming video, even if the Library already owns the DVD?

Yes. Fill out the request form to let us know what you need.

When should I ask for a streaming video instead of a DVD?

Streaming videos are a great choice for at home viewing of a required film, or when an in-class viewing will be supplemented with at home viewings to complete an assignment.

Kanopy has a very good selection. Do they take requests for films they do not (already) offer?

Yes. Kanopy is very interested in knowing what faculty want to see and are eager to contact producers and filmmakers to get rights to more films. Fill out the request form to let us know what you'd like and we'll contact Kanopy.

If we use streaming video, can we still pause/stop at points to discuss it?

Yes. When you view a video in on any of the streaming platforms, there is a pause button you can click on at the bottom of the view screen, similar to the controls in the view window that you see when you play a YouTube video.

Are these services available only on campus, or is there a way to assign these videos as homework that students can watch at home?

Students (and faculty and staff) can access these videos from anywhere, not only on campus. Our streaming video services, like all of our electronic resources, are accessible from off-campus with a current SCU network ID and password. 

Can I search for streaming videos in the Library Catalog (OSCAR)?

Yes, but only for streaming video titles the library has already licensed or has access to via our Kanopy subscription . Please search the various platforms and catalogs directly to see the full list titles available for licensing.