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Streaming Video Guide

Learn more about streaming video options provided by the University Library

Streaming Video and Instructional Use

Important reminder to Faculty

If you are using a Kanopy film in a course, please let our resources team know so we can track availability. This is especially important when using Kanopy BASE subscription titles as individual titles may be removed from the subscription list and may require individual licensing.

Streaming Video Acquisition Model

If a film will be shown during a class session, please consider whether a DVD will be a suitable for your needs. Streaming videos accessed through the the Library are generally individually licensed on an annual basis. Streaming licenses are significantly more expensive ($100-150) than a one-time purchase of a DVD (~$30) and are for a set period of time, unlike a DVD.

License Expiration Dates

Video licenses can expire throughout the year, not just at the end of an academic term. Please note the expiration date of any streaming videos you plan to use with your course. The expiration date of every licensed streaming video is listed on the record for the title in the library's catalog, but can usually be found on the streaming platform as well. Please contact your subject librarian to make sure a video will be available when you want to use it.

Streaming Video Renewals

Please note that the Library does not auto-renew streaming licenses. The Library will notify the requester when a previously requested title is nearing expiration to solicit renewal requests. If you use a video to support a course that you did not request yourself, let us know by contacting your subject librarian so you can be included in the license renewal process. 

Streaming Video Platforms

The University Library recommends requesting streaming videos from the established vendors on the Video Platform and Catalogs list whenever possible to ensure timely fulfillment. Pursuing a license or purchase with a new vendor adds a few weeks to the licensing process and may not be possible depending on the license terms or platform restrictions. If you can't find the film you're looking for on any of the catalogs, please request it using the form below and we will try to find an institutional streaming option.

Requesting Streaming Video Titles