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Sustainable Business

Best Bets for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports

The naming conventions for Sustainability Reports are quite varied. In fact, one Harvard Law School article (2021) found 18 distinct ways in which companies titled their reports. “Sustainability” (43%) was the most commonly used term in report titles, while “CSR” (24%) and “ESG” (23%) were further behind. Also noteworthy: The average length of a 2021 Sustainability Report was 70 pages.

CSR Report Name Options: Business & Sustainability Report - Citizenship and Sustainability Report - Corporate Citizenship Report - Corporate Responsibility Report - Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Environmental, Social and Governance (or ESG) Report - Global Citizenship Annual Report - Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report - Global Environmental & Social Impact Report - Global Impact Report - Global Responsibility Report - Impact Report - Integrated Sustainability Report and Annual Report - Responsible Business Report - Social Impact and Sustainability Report - Stakeholder Sustainability Report - Sustainability Report - Sustainable Impact Report.