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Algorithmic Influence on (Re)Search


Workshop Goals Today

Welcome! In the spirit of this course, the purpose of this workshop today is to help make visible what operates invisibly in the online information platforms that we all use. We will reflect on where algorithms operate and how they might influence what we are seeing and not seeing. We'll also move it beyond reflection to then do some hands on exercises to look at those algorithms in play, and consider the larger impact they may have in our understanding of a topic.


In the library workshop, you will have the opportunity to:


1. Understand how algorithmic bias shapes research processes

2. Reflect on how algorithmic biases informed or shaped your own assignments

3. Project possibilities for leveraging or confronting algorithmic bias in revisions and future research

Kick-Off Video

Algorithms we use every day reflect the implicit values of the people who are involved in creating, collecting, selecting, or using the data.

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