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ENGL 2A: Diversifying Your Sources


Welcome to the Library Workshop

Workshop Goals

Welcome! In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:


  • Explore a range of library tools and services available to you as a learner and researcher
  • Articulate the purpose and nature of academic databases 
  • Locate a range of disciplinary conversations in different databases in order to diversify your sources
  • Develop some comfort and competence in navigating library search tools

In support of course goal:

Locate and select information that genuinely considers multiple, credible perspectives.

I also recommend exploring "How to Learn with the Library" to get familiar with all of our services and resources!

Supporting Activity: Complete the Tutorial

This tutorial will take about 35 minutes to complete, and you will learn how to use the Library's website, catalog, and databases for research, and you will learn how SCU Library resources differ from stuff you find on Google. You'll also learn who your personal librarian is for your major or specific classes you're taking, and how to get help.