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ETHN 165: Community Based Research Methods (Old Guide)

This course guide provides library services and tools to support your research project in Ethnic Studies 165 for Fall Qtr 2022

Warm-Up Exercises

Let's do some warm-up exercises together before you begin doing your own research.

Start by reflecting on what you learned from the 2 tutorials and sharing one important thing learned on the padlet below.

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Say it with search boxes!

Imagine I am looking for articles to answer this question:

How are students of color responding to microaggressions on campus?

Using your new PSSP searching skills, design a logical search, execute it and find one good research article on that same topic.

Post an APA citation (you can get that from PSSP) and a link to the fulltext of the article in the padlet below.

Be prepared to share your search strategy with the rest of us!

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