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ETHN 188: Seminar - Civil Rights & Anti-Colonial Movements (Hazard)

Course guide for ETHN 188 (spring 2023)

Southeast Asia Topic

Resources from SCU / books/ebooks on Prostitution in Southeast Asia

Keywords to consider: Prostitution -- China -- History -- 20th century. 

Sex crimes -- China -- History -- 20th century.

Southeast Asian journal of social science

ISSN: 0303-8246

03/01/1999 to 09/30/2000 in

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The Ah Ku and Karayuki-san of Singapore — Their Lives: Sources, Method and a Historian's Representation

This could be an article of interest. However, SCU does not have to access to it. You can submit an interlibrary loan request and the PDF will be sent to you! 


Philanthropy Topic

Podcast : Beyond Philanthropy - Performative Disruption

"Power Back in the community: Going Beyond Performative Generosity in nonprofits

Abstract: Our study critiques nonprofits in the United States, using settler colonial and critical whiteness theories. Nonprofits rely on the donations of wealthy white donors to support marginalized communities. Yet, nonprofits, through donor support, fund projects that benefit marginalized communities without critiquing how the money was earned, who it belongs to, and why such inequities exist. If nonprofits seek to truly invest in marginalized communities, they need to be critical of their own model. This article depicts a composite counter‐story about a woman reflecting on her experience working for a nonprofit, and her decision to quit her job when she realizes that the organization she worked for did not truly put 'power back in the community' like they claimed. Using a fictionalized counter‐story, this article presents the very real ways in which nonprofits can use Indigenous values to go beyond performative generosity.

(This could be a great article for background information).