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ENGL 11A: Films Around the Globe

How to Find Biographical Materials for Your Director

Search for biographical information about women directors worldwide using these SCU databases below.

Biographies in eBooks

You may also find biographical information for directors by searching for ebooks and books within the library. For example, let's take the renown French director Agnès Varda. 

1. Select "Streaming Videos/eBooks" on the Library homepage to quickly search for ebooks in the Library. OSCAR, by comparison, lets you search for print and ebooks (as well as other kinds of titles).

Select "OSCAR" for print&ebooks, and "Streaming Videos/eBooks" for ebooks off the library website.

2. Now enter your search terms. To search for your director's name as a phrase, put it in quotes, as shown below. That ensures the two words appear adjacent to one another. See what the ebook results look like for Agnès Varda.