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ENGL 11A: Films Around the Globe

How to Contextualize Your Film

To help you understand what was happening historically, socially, and culturally during the time period in which the film was created or the time period it was based upon, you can use a number of different tools from the library. The tool(s) you use will depend on the questions you're asking. 

Use this page to identify scholarly databases as well as books/ebooks for establishing and exploring contexts arounds films.

Perspectives on Issues Relating to Women and Gender

Perspectives on Historical and Political Issues

Perspectives on Issues Relating to Race and Ethnicity

How to Use and Borrow Books

We have you covered for books -- there are more than 500,000 print books and 160,000 ebooks in the library. Books are naturally great sources for exploring issues relating to the films you're exploring. 

Find and Use eBooks: Follow these steps to find and use eBooks available at SCU Library.
Find and Use a Print Book - Pickup Service:  Follow these steps to find print books and arrange pickup at SCU Library.
Find and Use a Print Book - Mail Service:  Follow these steps to find a print book and have it mailed to your home (for free).
Find and Use a Book Chapter - Scanning Service:   Follow these steps to have a chapter of a book scanned for you.